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  • Shiro Koban Migite

    Maneki Neko Shiro...

    The ultimate lucky charm in Japan and even outside. This is a very traditional model with... >>

  • Kuro Koban Migite

    Black Maneki Neko...

    The black version of the Koban Migite Maneki Neko. Black models are believed to bring a good... >>

  • Maneki Neko

    Rice Bowl Maneki Neko

    This very 'kawai' rice bowl presents several Maneki Neko, those famous lucky-cats that you... >>

  • Green Daruma 12cm (4.7in)

    Green Daruma 12cm /...

    This green 12cm (4.7in) daruma is in accordance with traditional shape, colors and of course... >>

  • Yume Usagi

    Chopsticks Yume Usagi

    A very nice set of chopsticks with a case. Thanks to their small size (18cm / 7.1in) they... >>

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