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Gamagucci Kappa


Dimensions: 19,5 cm (width) x 16 cm (depth) x 21 cm (height) (7.7in x 6.2in x 8.3in)

Made by the craftmen of Shibaraki, Japan.

Discover this beautiful pottery from Shigaraki with its Kappa-shaped inside a beautiful purse (gamaguchi), one of the most famous creature of the Japanese folklore.
The pronunciation of this word Gamaguchi inspired Shigaraki craftmen who did a pun with the famous brand Gucci and gamaguchi.
According to the Japanese tradition Kappa are water monsters which want to attract humans and animals in the water with their distress little boy appearance. 

Nowadays, the pop culture changed their image and they became nice, sweet and cute

Moreover you will notice a 5 Yen coin in the middle of its head. Indeed, the 5 Yen coin is a symbol of luck and the Kappa are known to be baldness.
His crown-top baldness is not insignificant, it retains water which is the source of its power !
We will give you a tip to not be duped by a Kappa : bow to salute it in Japanese style, and by greeting you the same way, it will spill its water and will become harmless !

This pottery will be perfect as a decoration in your house or in your garden and will protect you on every occasions. 

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Gamagucci Kappa

Gamagucci Kappa