Asahikawa Shoyu Ramen Expand

Asahikawa Shoyu Ramen


Weight : 105.5 g
The pack contains the noodles and the soup base (soy sauce)
Maker : Fukumen. Made in Japan
Cooking time : 3 minutes
Best-before date : 3 to 6 months after buying

These ramen's recipe is from Asahikawa, in the prefecture of Hokkaido in north Japan.
Quick and easy to cook, they are perfect for hot and healthy meal at home or at work.

How to cook your ramen :

1) Bring 600 ml of water to a boil
2) Put the ramen inside
3) When the ramen are cooked, stop the ring and add the soup base
4) Put in your ramen bowl (see our ramen bowls here)
5) Then you can add egg, meat, vegetables as you wish

(may be changed by the manufacturer, please check via a translation application if you do not read Japanese)
Noodles (wheat flour, egg white powder, salt, wheat protein), soy sauce, salt, lard, sugar, vegetable oil, chicken extract, seafood extract, garlic powder, ginger powder, pepper, seasoning (amino acids), alcohol, brine, caramel color, gardenia flower pigment, thickening agent (xanthan), (including wheat, soy, chicken, pork to some of the raw).

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Asahikawa Shoyu Ramen

Asahikawa Shoyu Ramen