Furoshiki Geishun 7 Gods Expand

Furoshiki Geishun 7 Gods


Size: 50 x 50 cm (19,7 x 19,7in)
Material: 100% cotton
Made in Japan

Inherited from the Edo era, the pilgrimage of the 7 gods of luck is a Tokyo tradition that continues to be perpetuated in the New Year: locals visit the temples of the 7 gods in the hope of spending a lucky year. This furoshiki has all the potential to bring you happiness!

We find the god Ebisu, god of prosperity (top left); Daikokuten, god of health, agriculture and father of the Japanese people (top right); Bishamonten, god of war (middle right); Benzaiten, goddess of beauty and art (in the middle); Hotei, god of luck and happiness (in the middle on the left); Fukurokuju, god of wisdom and longevity (bottom left); and finally, Jurojin, god of good health (bottom right).

Pack your gifts, lunch boxes, bento boxes ... with this beautiful furoshiki, traditional Japanese fabric used to protect and transport all kinds of things. Furoshiki are also beautiful decorative accessories that can be used as tablecloths or be exposed to the wall.

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Furoshiki Geishun 7 Gods

Furoshiki Geishun 7 Gods