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Samurai Wakamusha


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Glass case disassembled and sent without the glasses because too fragile (easy to make in HomeCenter)
Dimensions: 48 cm x 38 cm x 30 cm ( 19 in x 15 in x 12 in) 
Made in Japan.

This impressive decoration portrays a Samurai Captain with its traditional outfit: full armour and helmet. The figurine also called "Gogatsu Ningyou" is exposed in the houses for the children's day, may the 5th in Japan. It enables to wish happiness and health to them for the future. The warrior representations are often used for this event because it represents strength, ambition and bravery.

The warrior captain holds a Saihai which is a baton carried by Samurai and allow them to signal their troops during a battle and a sword held by his belt.
You can find on the presentation board, two Katana exposed in front of the warrior. Its helmet or "Genji-kabutodated from Kamakura Era (1185-1333) and is composed of a Kashiradate with a dragon shape and 2 Kuwagata on the helmet to impress his opponents.

The captain armour is mainly composed by: 

- Two Osode which are shoulder protections.
Tatami-do which is a chest armour.
Kusazuri which protect the lower body and upper legs.
Haidate which are tight guards tied around the waist. 
Suneate which are shin guards.
Menpo which is a facial armour. 
Katana which is a Japanese type of sword that the warrior has attached to his belt.

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Samurai Wakamusha

Samurai Wakamusha