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Model: Dento Kokeshi
Material: Wood
Handmade and hand painted in Japan.

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These pretty hand painted dolls were given for declaring friendship or love to the chosen person.
Nowadays they are used as a collection and decoration items, bringing an original Japanese craft touch, for example on furniture in your lobby or living room.

A) Kokeshi Zao (sold out, sorry)

B) Kokeshi
 (very good condition)
Height : 24 cm (9.4in)

C) Kokeshi Bijozakura (sold out, sorry)

D) Kokeshi D (very good condition)
Height : 30 cm (11.8in)

E) Kokeshi E (quite good condition, colors are slightly faded)
Height : 24 cm (9.44in)

F) Kokeshi F (very good condition)
Height : 24 cm (9.44in)

G) Kokeshi G (very good condition)
Height : 36 cm (14.17in)

H) Kokeshi H (sold out, sorry)

I) Kokeshi I (quite good condition, colors are slightly faded)
Height : 18 cm (7in)

J) Kokeshi J (sold out, sorry)

K) Kokeshi K (sold out, sorry)

L) Kokeshi L (quite good condition, colors are slightly faded)
Height : 18 cm (7in)

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Vintage Kokeshi

Vintage Kokeshi