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Giant Daruma 30cm ~ 50cm

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Height : 30cm ~ 50cm (11.8 ~ 19.7 inches)
For the USA, the maximum shipping size for Daruma is 45cm in EMS, 35cm with other shipping methods.
For Australia and Germany the maximum size for Daruma is 50cm in EMS, 35cm with other shipping methods.

Material: Papier mache
Daruma handmade and handpainted in Japan
Available colors: red, white, black, blue, pink, green, yellow, orange, purple

The giant red daruma dolls respect the traditional colors and shapes of the Daruma, they are made in the city most famous for its craftsmen making Daruma, Takasaki. The red version is the most popular model bought in temples by Japanese families and companies.
The Japanese characters "Fukuiri" on the stomach means 'Fortune-Bringing' and refers to its lucky charm function. The owner of a daruma must color the left iris of his daruma by making a wish, then draw the second one when his wish is accomplished.
The inscription on the left (kanai anzen) means family safety/protection and the one on the right (shoubai hanjou) prosperity of work/business.
Upon request, it is possible to change these two inscriptions into Taigan Jyouju, to achieve ambitions, or Mokuhyou Tassei, to reach goals.
For the USA, the maximum shipping size for Daruma is 45cm (17.7 inches)

The Iwaki Daruma model, from the city of Iwaki, has the distinction of having both eyes completed at the time of its creation, unlike the common models. They observe in all directions in order to protect the family from all misfortunes.
This model has also the originality to have dark blue collar around his face with white and gold petals on it. It is available in smaller version here.

The white 35cm (13.8 inch) Hana Iwaki daruma has beautiful flowers handpainted on it. White daruma dolls symbolize harmony and are believed to bring peace and calm into a home. They make a perfect wedding gift as the newlyweds convey whish of eternal happiness.
  There is no inscription on its stomach, it allows to write name(s) for special occasions (weddings,  birthdays...)

Daruma are available in different sizescolors and decorations.
In addition to the traditional red model, other colors are also available, please choose "other color" in the drop-down menu and tell us the color when placing your order or contact us.

Discover all our models and learn more information about their use and meaning at their category page.

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Merci à Tokyo Smart, le Daruma est magnifique et impressione tt le monde qui s'arrête pour le prendre en photo et demande d'ou ça vient :D

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Giant Daruma 30cm ~ 50cm

Giant Daruma 30cm ~ 50cm