Furoshiki Fuku Maneki Neko Expand

Furoshiki Fuku Maneki Neko


Size and material
- 50 x 50cm (19.7 x 19.7 in) 100% cotton
- 68cm x 68cm (26.7 x 26.7 in) 100% rayon (artificial silk)
Made in Japan

Bring good luck with this pretty and colourful furoshiki! The Maneki Neko are very popular lucky charms in Japan. One of them wears a tai fish (sea bream) that symbolizes happiness, whose Japanese character is written in large on the left side. The magic hammer Uchide no kozuchi is drawn in the right corner, normally carried by one of the Seven Gods of Happiness, Daikoku, the legend says it should fulfil all the wishes!

Wrap up your presents, lunchboxes, bento boxes… with this beautiful furoshiki, traditional Japanese fabrics used to protect and transport all kinds of things. Furoshiki are beautiful accessories and can be used as tablecloths or as mural decorations.

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Furoshiki Fuku Maneki Neko

Furoshiki Fuku Maneki Neko