Koi Nobori Expand

Koinobori 1m set


Size :
Pole : 1.25 meter (49.2 inches)
Arrow-spoked wheel
Colorful streamer : 1 meter (39.4 inches)
Black Koi : 90cm (35.4 inches)
Red Koi : 50cm (19.7 inches)
Blue Koi : 40cm (15.7 inches)
Material : Polyester
Made in Japan

Koinobori (carp streamer) are carp-shaped windsocks. In Japan they are raised to celebrate Tango No Sekku, a traditional event which is now a National Day, Kodomo No Hi (Children’s Day) occurring the 5th of May.

In Japanese culture, they symbolize courage and strength because of their ability to run up rivers and cascades. A legend tells that they are also capable of flying away and transforming into a dragon. Families set up koinobori in order to bring good health and success to their children.

This typical koinobori set is composed of a colorful streamer (fukinagashi), followed by a black koinobori representing the father and a red koinobori representing the mother. A blue koinobori is used to embody the child.

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Koinobori 1m set

Koinobori 1m set