Kit Kat Special Pack 4.0 Expand

Kit Kat Special Pack 4.1


Exclusive pack of 11 mini Kit Kat.
Best-before date: 3 months after buying.
Made in Japan.

Taste all the originality of Japanese Kit Kat in this exclusive variety pack. We gathered here many of special and regional editions of the famous Japanese Kit Kat.

The pack contains 2 mini bars set together of:

- Tiramisu
- Cacao 72%
Caramel Pudding
- Banana Caramel
- Mont Blanc
- Apple Cinamon
- Sakura
- Summer Ice Cream
(white chocolate with ice cream taste)
- Peach Parfait
- Maple
- Mint

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Kit Kat Special Pack 4.1

Kit Kat Special Pack 4.1