Kokeshi Wakamusha Expand

Kokeshi Wakamusha Deluxe Set


Type: Shingata Kokeshi
Dimensions: Kokeshi height 14.5 cm (5.7in), Display stand height 3.7cm (1.2in), width 38cm (15in), length 26cm (10.2in)
Wood: Dogwood
Included: display stand with legs, framed folding screen, rug, bonfire (×2), wooden tag, carp streamer, gunsen (fans used by ancient commanders), jindaiko (drums) and jingasa (soldier's caps)
Handmade and handpainted in Japan

Wakamusha means 'young warrior', he is holding of course a katana, the samurai's sword, and a gunbai-uchiwa, a military leader's fan used by officers to communicate commands to their troops. This kokeshi with fine details engraved, a byobu (Japanese folding screens) and a socle, will be an impressive decoration, especially in this deluxe version! (see details of accessories above)

Samurai doll are traditionally exposed in the house for the children's day, may the 5th in Japan. It enables to wish happiness and health to them for the future. The warrior representations are often used for this event because it represents strength, ambition and bravery.

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Kokeshi Wakamusha Deluxe Set

Kokeshi Wakamusha Deluxe Set