Pokemon Cards s8a Pack1 25th Anniversary Collection Expand

Pokemon Cards s8a 25th Anniversary Collection Pack1


Japanese Pokemon cards.
Expansion 25th Anniversary Collection (s8a E)
In Japanese: 25 周年記念コレクション ポケモンカード
List with pictures and translations of the cards available here.
These cards were only available in a lottery, so very difficult to get.
Only cards #001-017 can be in holo version.

65 cards, good state, 7 holo cards, only 2 cards are missing (019/028 and 030/028) :

001/028: holo version x1, normal x2
002/028: normal x1
003/028: normal x3
004/028: normal x3
005/028: normal x2
006/028: holo version x1, normal x2
007/028: normal x1
008/028: normal x3
009/028: normal x1
010/028: holo version x1, normal x2
011/028: holo version x1, normal x2
012/028: holo version x1, normal x2
013/028: normal x2
014/028: normal x3
015/028: holo version x1, normal x2
016/028: normal x2
017/028: holo version x1, normal x2
018/028 RR: normal x1
020/028 RR: normal x1
021/028 RR: normal x1
022/028 RRR: normal x1
023/028 RR: normal x1
024/028 RRR: normal x1
025/028 RRR: normal x1
026/028 RRR: normal x1
027/028 RRR: normal x1
028/028 RRR: normal x1
029/028 SR: normal x1
030/028 SR

Energy FIR: x1
Energy MET: x1
Energy DAR: x2
Energy FIG: x1
Energy GRA: x2
Energy LIG: x1
Energy PSY: x2
Energy WAT: x2

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Pokemon Cards s8a 25th Anniversary Collection Pack1

Pokemon Cards s8a 25th Anniversary Collection Pack1