Happy New Year!


New Year in Japan - Shrine Tokoname

We wish you a Happy New Year and hope 2013 will bring the best to you and your relatives!

New Year is a big event in Japan however Japanese people prepare and celebrate it in a very different way.
They traditionally want to start a new year with a fresh and clean mind and to symbolically get rid of all the bad things from the previous year by doing a big cleaning of their house and car just a few days before the end of December.
Despite internet it is also still very popular to send a lot of cards for the event before December 24th so it can be delivered exactly on the 1st of January. Note that if someone died during the previous year the members of his/her family should not send any New Year card.
Usually a variety of food is prepared for the next few days so there is no need to prepare anything for this resting time. At midnight it’s common to prepare soba to welcome the new year.
Unlike in many countries New Year Eve is not an especially an exciting event in Japan as most of people gather with family to eat and watch a TV music show on NHK called Kohaku which is broadcast every 31st of December since 1953!
If you have time and patience you can also grow the queue in one of the numerous shrine for a couple of hours in order to be able make a wish.

In our sides we still have many ideas and projects for Tokyo Smart including more pictures, more Facebook and even some videos!
See you soon for more news :)

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