The new bento boxes and chopsticks are on the shop


New bento boxes and chopsticks

As promised here are the 7 new bento boxes and 3 new models of Japanese chopsticks. Note that these three new pairs of chopsticks respectively named Yume Usagi, Sakura Red and Kuro Mokume are each assorted to a bento of the same name.
Something tells me that the Red Sakura bento+chopstick set will have some success…
The new bentos are quite different from the previous ones since they are in plastic and are ideal for daily use. Of course all these new products are manufactured in Japan.
So basically we are testing this type of products on our shop and if we see that they get popular we will probably add some more.
Also we still plan to add new categories to the shop, however this will not happen until next year since December is pretty busy. In this connection if you have ideas for new products to add please let us know. Note that we are only interested by quality products made in Japan.
About Christmas it’s the home stretch now and if you want to be sure to receive your package in time the shipping by EMS is highly recommended as this is a very busy time for carriers.

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